Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Environmental Groups challenge EPA's approval of fluoride food residues (Where's the American Dental Associaton on this?):

"EPA identified fluoride as the major toxicological endpoint of concern for exposure to (pesticide) Sulfuryl fluoride (slated to replace methyl bromide). In its Risk Assessment, which served as the basis for approval, EPA made an unprecedented decision to allow an acceptable dosage for infants (0.571 mg/kg bodyweight/day) which is five times higher than for adults (0.114 mg/kg/day).

This is the first time that Sulfuryl fluoride, ..., has been approved for food use. In its approval, EPA set the highest levels of fluoride residues 'in or on food' in US history. As a fumigant it will be used on over 40 foods that include nuts, dried fruit, rice, wheat, barley, etc.

"..children are already receiving excess fluoride from sources such as fluoridated water, toothpaste, and processed foods,..."