Tuesday, August 31, 2004

New Mobile Dental Van to Serve Central Kentucky

"A 2001 Kentucky children’s oral health survey indicated that 57 percent of third and sixth graders had tooth decay or fillings and 31 percent needed treatment, said M. Raynor Mullins, D.M.D., director of the public service program at the UK College of Dentistry. “Both statistics are two times the national average.” Kentucky is 96% fluoridated.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Sunday, August 29, 2004

KOBTV.com - Governor creates Oral Health Council:

"SANTA FE (AP) - Governor Richardson has created the Governor's Oral Health Council to combat what he says is a crisis in dental health care"

New Mexico is 77% fluoridated.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Verizon Online - Business Center News:

Fluoridation proponents pay people to gather signatures and 1/3 were invalid.

"According to John Robideaux, chairman of Fluoridation Works, some 60 percent of the signatures were collected by paid gatherers hired through a temporary employment agency. Past legislative efforts to outlaw the practice of paying people to gather signatures have been constitutionally flawed, unfortunately.
However, if lawmakers and public indignation can't persuade initiative proponents to abandon the bogus signature-for-hire strategy, maybe wasting their money can."
Healthy Kids dental partner invites 166 local dentists to participate in new program for youth without healthcare:

San Francisco, fluoridated since 1954: "50 percent of San Francisco's elementary school children need dental care, said Howard Pollick, DDS, a clinical professor at the UCSF School of dentistry"

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Pretoria News - CSIR warns aginst fluoride in water:

"She said: 'We've got a number of factors which affect the health impact of fluoride in this country - one of these is that malnutrition makes fluoride more toxic than it is to people who are well nourished."

Monday, August 23, 2004

Joplin Independent%3A Forum:

Do Dentists Really Care About the Poor

"Isn't it curious that local dentists care so much about the teeth of the poor that they want the taxpayers to fund fluoride in the water supply; yet NONE of them will accept ANY Medicaid patients. Do they think flouride will take the place of checkups, cleaning and fillings for low income families.

We have checked around, trying to help a friend, including a call to the local dental referral service, and found only one area dentist who takes a very limited number of medicaid patients; and he is in Anderson. To get in at his office you have to call very early on the one day a month he makes medicaid appointments. The referral service suggests you go to a dental college for free care. Not an easy thing for a poor person to drive to Kansas City..."

"I think if our dentists want to help promote dental health they should begin a program of free toothpaste and brushes to all low-income families. Then they should volunteer their time to set up a free dental clinic about once every six months and also offer free check-ups through area schools. And then, of course, they should start accepting medicaid patients, since the taxpayers are already funding that program. "
TriCities.com - Dental clinic fills big need in the county:

Most of the population of Sullivan County, Tennessee is fluoridated:

"Thousands of Sullivan County children have never been to a dentist and are suffering the attendant diseases that go along with such medical neglect"

"Many of the children already have major tooth decay even though they are still in elementary school"
Ohio's extra dental aid doesn't go far:

"CLEVELAND -Six years after the Ohio Department of Health said the biggest health care need for Ohioans was dental care; low income patients still have trouble getting proper treatment officials say. "

Cleveland, Ohio, is fluoridated, as is 88% of the state.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Local conference tackles medical inequalities - norwichbulletin.com:

"A young black child goes without proper dental care because there is no longer a pediatric dentist in his area that will accept his low-income health insurance. "


Friday, August 20, 2004

Illinois Mandates Fluoridation state-wide:

"The Illinois Department of Public Health, Oral Health Division, reports that statewide data concerning the
oral health needs of school age children has not been collected since 1993/1994. That study, “The Oral Health
Status of Illinois Children”, indicated that 54% of children had caries in primary or permanent teeth, and 23%
had caries in permanent teeth. Another finding indicated that 38% of 6-8 year olds had untreated dental caries
and 30% of 15 year olds had untreated dental caries."

Oral Health Resources - Children's Oral Health Overview:

Over 65% of the US is fluoridated and virtually 100% consume a fluoridated food and beverage supply:

"17% of children aged 2-4 years have already had decay. By the age of 8, approximately 52% of children have experienced decay, and by the age of 17, dental decay affects 78% of children. Among low-income children, almost 50% of tooth decay remains untreated"
Welcome to eTruth%21:

Indiana is the fourth most fluoridated U.S. state where 95% of the population drinks fluoridated water.

""Can you do anything to help me? My mouth hurts me every day." the elementary school student asked Coddens. a dental hygienist who travels across northern Indiana during the academic year. "For a lot of kids's it's their only exposure to a dentist," Coddens said. "

"We see a lot of needy kids -- and a lot of decay and abscesses. Helping kids and getting them going to a dentist is our ultimate goal."

The Indiana State Dental Program funds, conducts or otherwise facilitates programs or activities in the following areas:

• Access to Care
• Dental Screening
• Dental Sealants
• Early Childhood Caries/Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Prevention
• Fluoridated Community Water Supplies
• Fluoride Mouthrinse
• Needs Assessment/Oral Health Surveys
• Oral Health Education/Promotion
• Smoke and Spit Tobacco Cessation

Children DENTISTS not fluoride!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Verizon Online - Business Center News

More dietary fluoride (ADA - please advise your union members)

"Procure 50WS (triflumizole) is now registered in Arizona for control of powdery mildew in strawberries, grapes, pome fruit, and cherries"

"* ProFume (sulfuryl fluoride), a gas fumigant, was approved for postharvest control of insect and rodent pests in dried fruit and tree nuts"
AP Wire %7C 08%2F19%2F2004 %7C News briefs from California%27s Central Coast:

"Measure W would require U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for any additives to public drinking water for purposes other than making the water safe to drink. Passage would hinder fluoridation of Santa Maria's drinking water. Citing California election law, County Clerk Joseph Holland said he intends to keep his timetable and send ballot material to the printer an Aug. 24. The clerk's office will spend about $1.3 million to print and mail 192,000 sample ballots and 65,000 absentee ballots."

"The City Council voted to accept roughly $402,000 from the California Dental Association Foundation to build and then operate for one year a fluoridation facility."

Monday, August 16, 2004

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Ribbon cutting set for children's dental clinic:

Sullivan County, Tennessee is fluoridated:

"The health department already operates an oral-disease prevention program in area schools. A dentist and a hygienist go to schools and do screenings and assessments of students.
The rate of referral from that program is 50 percent, Mayes said last year.
That means 50 percent of the children seen in that program need dental care, Mayes said. "

Friday, August 13, 2004

Fluoride costs brush officials wrong way:

"Based on cost figures provided, Garrett said the total cost to Davis cities to design and implement the fluoridation system was $4.3 million, with an additional $611,000 to be spent yearly for operations and maintenance."

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

CSAHS - Media Releases - 100 years on Sydney Dental Hospital celebrates a century of change:

"Dental caries (tooth decay) is the most prevalent health problem in Australia accounting for 19 million existing and 11 million newly decayed teeth each year... Oral diseases and disorders incur both direct costs to the health system ($2.6 billion or 5.9 per cent of health system costs) making it a substantial contributor to the cost of illness in Australia."

Australia is about 66% fluoridated

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

bernie :: statement :: Crises in Oral Health Care and Our Public Health Infrastructure:

"73% of all unmet health care needs reported by parents in America are unmet dental needs."

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

Bozeman, Montana, is fluoridated

"'We do see this (dental clinic) as a huge, huge need, especially for our population,' Taylor said.

When dental problems are ignored, Nordwick said, they become serious health concerns and often land people in the hospital.

'You have people who end up in the emergency department or end up seeing physicians in the community,' he said. 'If they had dental care, it wouldn't get that far.'"
Community Report No. 7:

"The state also has increased dental payment rates by 250 percent over the past few years, with little success in improving access to dental care." in fluoridated Syracuse, New York

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

SR.com: Foul-up clouds fluoridation issue:

"Fluoridating Spokane's water would cost almost $2.5 million upfront and about $330,000 a year after that, according to a recent independent study commissioned by the city's water department."

The pro-fluoridation group raised about $18,000 and spent about a third of that on the petition drive.