Thursday, November 04, 2004

Fort Worth, Texas is fluoridated:

"A Fort Worth dentist, who also asked not to be identified, said that many patients who have experience with high-volume clinics such as South Texas “come in my door crying and terrified. ... The mothers told me the kids would be at the clinic for seven or eight hours having multiple procedures all on one day, often done without sedation, with the kids strapped down.” The results were “very traumatic.”

"Those who do qualify for Medicaid are finding it harder and harder to locate a dentist willing to see them. In Tarrant County alone, 90,000 children qualify for Medicaid dental care according to the Texas Department of Health, but only 83 dental providers here participate, down from 520 four years ago. �If there aren�t more of us willing to take them,� one local dentist said, �then those who abuse the system and even possibly abuse the kids could wind up being the only providers these children have.� The situation for poor families in Tarrant County needing dental care, he said, is �desperate and dire.�"