Monday, July 02, 2007

130,000 million Americans have no dental insurance

Borders are no barrier to affordable healthcare - Los Angeles Times:

"When David Woodman announced he was going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for major dental work, his son Josef thought his dad had lost his mind. He had visions of untrained dentists burrowing into his father's mouth, clutching fistfuls of rusty needles.

So the younger Woodman tagged along to make sure his father would not fall victim to foreign quackery. 'Instead of what I feared, he got a board-trained dentist in a great clinic, with state-of-the-art instruments and panoramic X-rays,' says Woodman, who was so impressed that he ended up researching and writing the book 'Patients Beyond Borders' on the phenomenon of medical tourism. 'And he saved $11,000 on a mouthful of teeth.'

Woodman's father is not alone in looking abroad for a medical overhaul. After all, if the American healthcare system is not completely broken, it is certainly dysfunctional: 47 million people have no health coverage, and 130 million have no dental insurance."