Saturday, March 28, 2009

State of dental Health in California a silent epidemic, says Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod:

"'In 2000, the United States Surgeon General called the state of dental health in America a silent epidemic. Not much has changed since. Many poor children, the elderly and many minorities are silently suffering from oral disease that are progressive, diligent and becoming more complex over time,' declared State Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod"

"Senator McLeod said that oral disease is five times more common than asthma, and access to preventive, restorative dental services continue to be problematic not only for the uninsured, but also for those who are publicly insured"

"California suffers no shortage of dentists; our supply vary by county and the more room a county has, the fewer the dentists to serve the community," Senator McLeod lamented."

The problems is that most dentists won't treat poor people.

Michigan will receive $8.6M for health clinics | | The Detroit News

Michigan will receive $8.6M for health clinics : "The [fluoridated] Detroit Community Health Connection plans to use its $360,479 to hire five new support staff in the dental section and a new midwife to help out with obstetrics and gynecology, said Wayne Bradley, the clinic's president and CEO."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

'I don't want to go out in public': The human face of a dental system in crisis - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

75% of Australia is fluoridated:"A growing number of Australians are losing their teeth due to a failure of dentistry. Gladys Facal was left with no choice but to have all her teeth removed and now faces the challenge of living and eating without them. Ms Facal is the classic end product of a system where 650,000 adults wait an average of two years to see a public dentist. The 7.30 Report looks at a bold policy proposal called Denticare which aims to stop the decline in oral health."

"I don't want to go out in public": The human face of a dental system in crisis:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ann Arbor area children from needy families can get $5 dental care at clinic on Saturday - Ann Arbor News - The Latest News, Blogs, Photos & Videos –

In the fluoridated Ann Arbor, Michigan: "For low-income children, the risk of dental problems is especially high, according to organizers of the nonprofit Washtenaw Children's Dental Clinic. The problem in part lies in the difficulty finding dentists' offices that accept Medicaid or provide affordable care to the uninsured, said Tammy Kraeger, director of the clinic.

'For the first time in many years, there's a rise in the number of decayed teeth kids have,' Kraeger said."

Monday, March 23, 2009

City Room™ - Metro - Dental Neglect: Illinois's Oral Health Care Shortage

City Room™ - Metro - Dental Neglect: Illinois's Oral Health Care Shortage:

In Illinois where fluoridation is state-mandated:"There’s a little-noticed public health crisis brewing in Illinois. It’s not especially sexy, but it’s serious. It’s connected to life-threatening ailments, nutrition and even job prospects—the problem is access to dental care. Illinois has the third largest underserved population in the country. The few clinics that treat poor people are overwhelmed. Now they’re bracing for a new flood of patients, as more people lose their jobs."

Marian Wright Edelman: Dentists Remember and Respond to a Child's Preventable Death

Marian Wright Edelman: Dentists Remember and Respond to a Child's Preventable Death:

In fluoridated Prince George County, Maryland: "In just four days in February 2009, the group screened 170 children at Seat Pleasant Elementary School...The dentists found 32 children (19%) who required emergency services for problems like abscesses, acute gum disease and teeth rotted down to the nerve centers." Bates: Budget crisis should be Salem's top priority Bates: Budget crisis should be Salem's top priority

"On fluoridation, [State Senator Alan] Bates said scientific research has failed to show any solid evidence that fluoride helps with teeth, that he opposes fluoridating water supplies, and that a bill to require fluoridation is unlikely to go anywhere in this session."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

County's pilot Medicaid dental program draws criticism - Business -

County's pilot Medicaid dental program draws criticism - Business -

In fluoridated Miami (Florida) " a University of Miami project, has found that dental care among poor children in Miami-Dade is sadly lacking. The program, which provides fluoride varnish to protect teeth and does a preliminary examination of preschool kids, found that 58 percent needed to be seen in a dental office and 10 percent had ''emergency needs,'' ...

Half with decayed teeth and a third with emergency situations did not get follow-up care, the Patch report said, because of a variety of problems."

Rotary Club of Tallahassee makes dreams real in Mexico | | Tallahassee Democrat

Rotary Club of Tallahassee makes dreams real in Mexico | | Tallahassee Democrat:

"According to Bill Webb, director of International Service for the Rotary Club of Tallahassee, water in the target vicinity is highly contaminated with fluoride and coliform. 'Accumulation of fluoride in the human body presents an especially high risk to children,' he warns. 'It can cause cancer, bone disease, fluorosis (mottling of teeth), and kidney damage.'"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anti-cavity crusade - Brantford Expositor - Ontario, CA

Anti-cavity crusade - Brantford Expositor - Ontario, CA:

Brantford (Ontario) was the first Canadian city to add fluoride chemicals to prevent tooth decay and they still do:

"'Children shouldn't have to suffer,' Gertig said in an interview on Tuesday at her St. Paul Avenue office, adding that she has seen cases of 'rampant decay' in the teeth of children as young as three. She has also seen the necessity for decayed tooth extractions in children aged four to six."

Monday, March 16, 2009

Daily Herald | Illinois families need dental care

Daily Herald | Illinois families need dental care:

In Illinois where fluoridation is state-mandated: "We are facing an oral health care crisis...In some cases tooth decay can be so severe that a child must have all of their teeth pulled," writes Robert Rechner, Executive Director, Illinois State Dental Society

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Editorial: Improving dental health requires responsibility, outreach - The Herald Dispatch


West Virginia is 92% fluoridation

"Two-thirds of children in West Virginia have cavities by age 8. That is far, far too many.

West Virginians drink a lot of sugary soft drinks. They use a lot of tobacco products. Both are bad for their teeth."

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Factors eat away at area's dental health - The Herald Dispatch

Factors eat away at area dental health - The Herald Dispatch:

West Virginia and Kentucky are over 92% fluoridated: (and the soda bottled there probably is, also)

"From soda in sippy cups to Mountain Dew before dentist appointments, Huntington dentist Dr. Scott Edmonds has seen a lot in his five years of practice. Three years ago, he made a complete denture set for a 15-year-old boy.

'Experts say a lack of education, poor nutrition and widespread soda consumption contribute to bad dental health across the Tri-State'

Kentucky dentist Dr. Edwin Smith said he has seen the rampant tooth decay known as 'Mountain Dew mouth' for years.

He has treated some preschoolers who had decay in every tooth.

A lack of dental care knowledge is common across West Virginia, according to Dr. Richard Meckstroth...

'What goes in a baby bottle is atrocious sometimes. Pop and sugary juices -- they put them to bed with it. It just lays and pools in their teeth," Meckstroth said. "The teeth just don't have a chance.'

Muto said seeing an elementary-age child carrying a liter of soda is not uncommon.

Sixty-six percent of West Virginia children have cavities by age 8,and 42.9 percent of the population 65 or older have lost all of their teeth."

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Comparing ADA-accepted caries diagnosis machines: What's the difference and is it time to get one?: On Practice Management | Chicago Dental Society

Chicago Dental Society:

"What further confounds the profession is the increasing prevalence of “hidden caries,” which is often attributed to the success of fluoride. Because fluoride has effectively hardened tooth enamel in much of our population, when caries is able to penetrate the underlying dentin, the decay process can progress under seemingly healthy enamel, effectively evading detection."

Friday, March 06, 2009

Oral_Health.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Oral_Health.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Middleton Connecticut is fluoridated:

"By second grade 84% of children examined had decay."

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Investing in baby teeth

Investing in baby teeth:

In fluoridated Chicago: "'I’ve had mothers bring in their 18 month-old babies with cavities,' said Furusho.

Diet may be to blame. The surplus of starchy foods and sugary snacks that contribute to childhood obesity are also affecting their smiles.

'Healthy diet is just as important as brushing regularly,' said Furusho."