Saturday, November 28, 2009

Your views | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

In Lubbock Texas with both naturally high and "optimally" fluoridated water:

"one local hospital estimates it spends $2 million a year because people have no money for dental care and come to the emergency room in pain from rotted teeth."

"One thousand eighty-seven people lined up in Lubbock to go to the dentist Nov. 13-14. ... the Texas Mission of Mercy of the Texas Dental Association brought dental care to those who cannot afford it. More than 300 people had to be turned away."

Your views | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal:

Friday, November 27, 2009

News-Topic - Lenoir church helps take a bite out of tooth decay

Lenoir church helps take a bite out of tooth decay

"'There is a tremendous need,' Stilwell said. 'There are people who feel the pains daily from toothaches.'" Lenoir, North Carolina is fluoridated

"Focused primarily on children, Stilwell said the church receives referrals from schools and the Caldwell County Health Department. During the recent stop, approximately 75 children were seen. In addition, 15 adults received services, though Stilwell noted the need far outpaced the number of slots available.

In fact, Stilwell said he already has scheduled appointments through next year and into 2011."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Warning on tooth decay in toddlers - The West Australian

Warning on tooth decay in toddlers - The West Australian:

"WA [Western Australia] children as young as two years old are having surgery to remove decayed teeth which are often caused by sugary diets and a lack of brushing, according to dental experts.

The Australian Dental Association said dentists were seeing an increase in tooth decay affecting primary or baby teeth, resulting in more preschoolers ending up with missing or filled teeth."

Dr Lena Lejmanoski, who chairs the ADA's oral health committee in WA, said she had treated children as young as two or three years old for decay, sometimes having to remove their teeth.

Most water supplies in Western Australia (WA) have been fluoridated since about 1968, except one region where Supplement use has been encouraged and fluoride toothpaste is widely used.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Filling a gap in dental care: Hundreds rise early for free, one-day dental clinic |

Filling a gap in dental care: Hundreds rise early for free, one-day dental clinic |

After 60+ years of water fluoridation reaching 70% on public waters supplies, virtually 100% via food and beverages, and after 50+ years of fluoridated toothpaste and 40+ years of dentist-applied fluoride treatments along with fluoridated dental floss, mouth rinses, gum, pills, drops, varnish, foam, gels, cements, filling material and more, tooth decay in America is a growing disgrace and embarrassment because fluoride does not reduce tooth decay but does make huge amounts of money for US corporations. The millions of dollars spent on fluoridation scheming, planning, meetings, research, legislator palm-greasing could be better used to feed our hungry children so their teeth don't decay in the first place

"Oral health facts - Children

-- 25 percent of all children ages 2-5 have had decay.
-- 50 percent of all children ages 12-19 have had decay.
-- 66 percent of children ages 12-19 from low-income families have had decay.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention"

Filling a gap in dental care: Hundreds rise early for free, one-day dental clinic |

Filling a gap in dental care: Hundreds rise early for free, one-day dental clinic |

Savannah is fluoridated as is most of Georgia: "Evalyn Chambless has called 27 dentists around Metter looking for one willing to work within her fixed income.

None would accept Medicaid, she said. Some offered discounts, but it wasn't enough."

Monday, November 23, 2009

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In 96% fluoridated North Dakota, tooth decay affects 56 percent of children in the third grade.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hundreds line up for free dental care - 11/20/09 - Flint News and Saginaw News -

Hundreds line up for free dental care - 11/20/09 - Flint News and Saginaw News -

In Michigan where 91% of the water is fluoridated: "There are thousands of people in our area who can't afford dental care. So, for the second year in a row, a group of dentists is offering free checkups, extractions and other dental procedures."

Friday, November 13, 2009

peds-bright-smiles.pdf (application/pdf Object)

peds-bright-smiles.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Virginia is 95% fluoridated. Yet, "Early Childhood Caries are a serious problem in Virginia"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

South Portland Cape Elizabeth NextSentry: Worth the wait: Promise of free dental treatment draws hundreds to area clinics

Promise of free dental treatment draws hundreds to area clinics:

"A lot of people “opened wide” in southern Maine last Friday.
A day of free services available at 13 area dental offices, led to jammed lobbies and relief for hundreds of Mainers who do not have dental insurance or the ability to pay for basic services. The services were organized by dentists at Dunstan Dental Center on Route 1."

Main is 80% fluoridated
Taking Action For Woman With Dental Needs - WHNT: "Bell says after trying about nine different dentists, she just can't afford the money up front.

One place quoted her $165-dollars for the initial visit, just so they can see what the problem is.

That may not include the dental work."

"Bell is up against the gun.
'He told me that it could kill me, if I don't get something done about it,' said Bell."

Decatur, Alabama is fluoridated.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress):

In Connecticut where fluoridation is state-mandated, "The Connecticut State Dental Society held an open free clinic under a program called Mission of Mercy, which is a group of dentists around the country that organize operatories and equipment to go into communities and basically open the doors and say anybody who needs dental care, come and we will take care of you. The advertising for this event in Connecticut was modest. There were some TV public service announcements, there were some small notices in the press.

The Dental Society had organized about 180 dentists, a number of hygienists and staff to be with the group that morning. Much to their amazement, people started lining up for this event at 6 o'clock the prior evening, Friday evening, and by 4 o'clock in the morning, when the dentists actually arrived to start setting up the operation, there were already 350 people waiting in line to get their care. By 5 o'clock in the morning, the crowd had grown to the point where the Connecticut State Police had to come out and actually turn people away."

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Clip Syndicate Video: Health

Clip Syndicate Video: Health

Nine out of ten children have cavities who were examined in a Green Bay Wisconsin school which is fluoridated.

Human Testing Exposing Children to Chemicals

Human Testing Exposing Children to Chemicals:

News Release from the Physicians For Social Responsibility: (October 2008)

"Dr. William Hirzy, who is vice president of NTEU Chapter 280 (EPA Headquarters) and chemist in residence at American University added, 'One major example of the harm this administration has done to the American people is its failure to respond to the National Research Council Committee on fluoride toxicity report for their 6-year review of the fluoride drinking water standard, which found that EPA's drinking water standard for fluoride does not protect public health. The Committee also found that the evidence for fluoride's carcinogenicity should be taken more seriously by EPA.'"

Monday, November 02, 2009

Decaying Care: Loss of dental benefits leads to larger problems - Local -

Decaying Care: Loss of dental benefits leads to larger problems - Local -

In California where almost a billion dollars is being spent to add fluoride chemicals into public water supplies with taxpayer money derived from cigarette taxes that is "laundered" through tax-exempt, well-meaning but misguided child advocacy groups:

"Everyone from poor adults to disabled people and low-income seniors were left with no access to dentists, unless they could scrape up enough money to pay the bills."

"It will cover emergency tooth extractions for adults, so some people are waiting for excruciating toothaches to be deemed an emergency.

Once the tooth is taken out, Medi-Cal doesn't pay for a bridge to replace it, potentially exposing the patient to more tooth decay or gum disease."