Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The American Dental Association wants more of your money. The ADA paid for an advertisement in newspapers distributed to Congress asking Congress to reimburse dentists with even more money than they do now in order for dentists to agree to treat low-income people. The ADA continues to promote fluoridation as a panacea for tooth decay because it doesn't hurt dentists' bottom line because it doesn't work

The ADA shows a large group of people waiting to have teeth extracted at a "mission of mercy" set up in Viriginia which is over 90% fluoridation along with 70% of the country and virtually 100% of the food supply.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

In Minnesota, where fluoridation is state-mandated, "Jodi Hager sees close up what limited care means: children from poor families with decay in every tooth and adults weary from driving two hours to a place that will take their state insurance."

Dentists are anti-dental therapists.

Dental therapists are being trained side-by-side with dentists to increase access to affordable dental care despite the lobbying efforts of organized dentistry against this excellent remedy. Dentists prefer to treat the water of low-income Minnesotans; not their teeth. And they don't want anyone else doing so either.

A man's extensive tooth repairs cost taxpayers $44,000 because he lacked the dentaL insurance, a job and money to pay for care when the problem would have cost $100's to fix when first detected. Doling out more fluoride is a foolish fix for problems such as this.

Yet, rich and politically powerful organized dentistry convinces too-willing legislators to add more fluoride chemicals into the population via the water, dental applications and/or supplements as an illogical fix for this problem. Organized dentistry goal is to stave off legislative mandates that they treat all Americans - even poor people. And to disallow any other viable groups to fill the void and infringe upon their lucrative monopoly.

Bottom line, dentist unions, such as the American Dental Association lobby our legislators to keep dentists income high - even though Americans are dying from untreated tooth decay or costing the rest of us millions of dollars in emergency dental care.

The Virginia Dental Association was part of the Wise County clinic. In the past 10 years, the VDA has fielded 41 Missions of Mercy in mostly rural sections of the state. The missions have provided $16.5 million in dental services to 32,000 Virginians seeking relief from the pain and embarrassment of their teeth. [Virginia is 93% fluoridated]

"I call this group 'the silent voices of need,'" said Dr. Terry D. Dickinson, executive director of the VDA. "You won't see them down at the General Assembly asking for adult benefits, as they would lose their jobs if they missed a day to advocate for themselves. This is truly a population that, for the most part, is unseen and unheard."


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fluoridation is state mandated in Illiniois: "Dr. Souri juggles work here with a suburban practice and routinely sees 2- and 3-year-olds with as many as 20 cavities. On a day I visited, he dealt with a boy, 6, who needed four fillings because he drank too much soda, and a girl, 7, who had 10 cavities."


Friday, December 18, 2009


Kids with cavities lack access to dental care

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is fluoridated: "About 60 percent of the children screened have cavities but do not have access to dental care in their underserved communities, say the clinic's officers."

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tests Find Hundreds of Pollutants in U.S. Tap Water

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

FAMU Board of Trustees Unanimously Vote to Submit Request to the Florida Board of Governors for a College of Dental Medicine

Florida is already 78% fluoridated but tooth decay is rampant because only 10% of Florida dentists will treat Medicaid patients. What's the dentists' solution - more fluoridation - which is their way of diverting attention away from the real problem. Many Florida legislators are falling for this false sense of security by adding unnecessary and harmful fluoride chemicals into the water supplies satisfying politically powerful organized dentistry but doing nothing for their constituents.

FAMU Board of Trustees Unanimously Vote to Submit Request to the Florida Board of Governors for a College of Dental Medicine:

"The DOH also reported that Florida ranks 29th in the nation in dentists per capita, with 49.4 dentist per 100,000 people. This is worse in rural areas, since many do not have adequate access to a licensed dentist. In fact, 90 percent of dentists in Florida are in private practice and 10 percent of dentists in Florida participate in Medicaid. There is one dentist, per 9,747 Medicaid-eligible children and one dentist per 41,039 Medicaid-eligible adults."

“There is a tremendous need, yet very little access to oral health care,” said FAMU President James H. Ammons.

Amid flood of new patients, dental clinic seeks volunteers

Amid flood of new patients, dental clinic seeks volunteers:

San Antonio is fluoridated: "The waiting list at the San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic has been getting longer in recent months. As the nation's economic woes persist, staff members say requests for services continue to mount at the 23-year-old nonprofit.

“These days we've begun to see people in suits, people who clearly have a history of health care and full-time work.”

Last year alone, the clinic, which provides low-cost dental care to low-income adults in Bexar County, had 24,000 patient visits for more than 7,000 clients, nearly half of whom were elderly and on fixed incomes."

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Fla. Medicaid lawsuit heads to trial - State & Regional - Wire - BradentonHerald.com

Fla. Medicaid lawsuit heads to trial - State & Regional - Wire - BradentonHerald.com:

"The problem: Many doctors and dentists won't accept Medicaid as Florida's reimbursement rates are among the country's lowest. Medicaid pays $15 for a basic dental exam in Florida, compared to $25 in Tennessee, which is considered a model of success for Medicaid dental reform. It's about $40 for private insurance. A pilot program in Miami-Dade County pays dentists a monthly fee of $6.55 to treat each child.

'There are many counties where there are only one or two dentists willing to receive Medicaid patients and then they limit the number of Medicaid patients they do see,' attorney Stuart Singer said. He filed the lawsuit in 2005 on behalf of Florida Pediatric Society, the Florida Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and all Floridians under age 21 who now or in the future would be eligible for Medicaid."