Tuesday, November 12, 2013

children's dental crisis in fluoridated North Philadelphia

The first time I stepped from Erie Avenue onto our Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, I met a child who was experiencing some of the worst tooth decay I have ever seen. His gums were swollen and red. The few baby teeth poking out from his infected gums were riddled with cavities. His face was scrunched up with fear and pain. The worst part? He was barely a year old.
We’re seeing more children younger than this boy with severe tooth decay. More than 30 percent of the kids being treated by our Care Mobile have untreated tooth decay younger than the age of three.

The children's dental crisis in fluoridated North Philadelphia

Friday, November 01, 2013

Fluoridation fails Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, is fluoridated. Yet, three-fourths of LA's uninsured -- and half of those who did have insurance -- have missing teeth, bleeding gums, toothaches or other unmet dental care needs.

 What Really Scares Middle-Income Americans Away From the Dentist | Wendell Potter: