Monday, May 05, 2014

Fluoridation Fails Toronto's Poor Kids

Toronto (Canada) is fluoridated. 


Photographs of students’ mouths taken during dental screenings
portray a startling picture of a public
health problem in Toronto that has flown under the radar for years. Broken
teeth. Bubbling abscesses. Dark pools of leathery decay. 

Root canals are “not uncommon” among these
, said Wong, who started working as a dentist in the public
health clinics in 1994. “Seeing a 6-year-old with cavities in every single tooth
they have — that’s pretty heartbreaking as well.” 

At two schools in North York,
nearly one out of every two students was suspected of having a cavity. At
Grenoble Public School in Flemingdon Park, a “high-priority” area where the
student population represents more than 73 different languages, more than a
quarter of these children required urgent care.

Students’ rotting teeth show ‘inequality of health’ | Toronto Star