Monday, June 19, 2017

Dentist Neglect Costing Taxpayers Millions in Nebraska

 RESULTS: During the study period, a total of 9943 dental-related ED visits occurred. Of these, 55.5% patients aged
between 25 and 44 years. Thirty-nine percent of all dental ED visits had patients who were self-financed or uninsured. Twenty counties in Nebraska do not have a dentist, and nine counties had more than 50 ED
visits per 10,000 population. Patients residing in urban areas paid significantly higher charges than those living in rural towns, smallrural towns, or isolated rural areas. The mean and total ED charges attributed to dental conditions for the entire study period were $934 and $9.3 million, respectively.

Emergency Department Utilization related to dental conditions and distribution of Dentists, Nebraska 2011-2013 | Read by QxMD