Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fluoridation Fails Detroit, Michigan

Detroit has been fluoridated for decades but Each year, parents and children in metro Detroit will wait in line for hours to receive free oral healthcare services from dentists and hygienists as part of the Give Kids a Smile program because most dentists won't accept Medicaid patients except for this once-a-year program.

More than 1 in 4 third-graders across the state suffer from untreated dental disease. Dental problems cost children countless hours of lost school time, cause pain and can impact a child’s self-esteem, nutrition, as well as their ability to eat, sleep, communicate and concentrate in school.

 We need more dental professionals in order to provide care to the many people who aren’t receiving any services. An important step to address this problem is to license a dental provider called a “dental therapist.” Many dental issues can be handled by dental therapists who, under the supervision of a dentist, are licensed to deliver routine, yet much needed care, such as filling cavities, for previously underserved populations like those who I care for with Give Kids a Smile and across the state of Michigan.


Studies show fluoridation is no value to Detroit residents

Organized dentistry opposes dental therapists simply because they infringe upon dentists lucrative monopoly. instead dentists want you to believe that fluoridation will help people who can't afford their care.   It's hogwash. 

Even when fluoridated water is the most consumed item consumed in Detroit, cavities are extensive when diets are poor, according to Caries Research.

Burt and colleagues studied low-income African-American adults, 14-years-old and over, living in Detroit, Michigan, where water suppliers add fluoride chemicals attempting to prevent cavities. Yet, 83%of this population has severe tooth decay and diets high in sugars and fats, and low in fruits and vegetables.

"The most frequently reported food on a daily basis was [fluoridated] tap water," write Burt's research team. Second were [probably fluoridated] soft drinks and third were potato chips.

Tooth decay in fluoridated Detroit's toddlers' teeth is also shocking. Almost all of Detroit's five-year-olds have cavities; most of them go unfilled.