Thursday, July 15, 2021

Fluoridation Fails Los Angeles, California

 Fluoridation has been state mandated in California since 1995 and most of Los Angeles has fluoridated decades before that.  Yet in Los Angeles County:

63% of Latinx students, 50% of Black students and 48% of Asian students in kindergarten and third grade experienced tooth decay compared to only 32% of White students in L.A. County. The same trend translates to the percentage of students who have untreated tooth decay. Twenty-three percent of Black students, 21% of Latinx students and 20% of Asian students had untreated tooth decay compared to 14% of White students.

 “At least at the L.A. county level, what we saw from 2020 is that children of color are definitely still experiencing inequities when it comes to their oral health, specifically Latinx and Black children,”