Friday, August 20, 2004

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Indiana is the fourth most fluoridated U.S. state where 95% of the population drinks fluoridated water.

""Can you do anything to help me? My mouth hurts me every day." the elementary school student asked Coddens. a dental hygienist who travels across northern Indiana during the academic year. "For a lot of kids's it's their only exposure to a dentist," Coddens said. "

"We see a lot of needy kids -- and a lot of decay and abscesses. Helping kids and getting them going to a dentist is our ultimate goal."

The Indiana State Dental Program funds, conducts or otherwise facilitates programs or activities in the following areas:

• Access to Care
• Dental Screening
• Dental Sealants
• Early Childhood Caries/Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Prevention
• Fluoridated Community Water Supplies
• Fluoride Mouthrinse
• Needs Assessment/Oral Health Surveys
• Oral Health Education/Promotion
• Smoke and Spit Tobacco Cessation

Children DENTISTS not fluoride!