Tuesday, September 12, 2006

According to Pennyslvania's Oral Health Report

For 15-year-olds

58% have cavities in fluoridated Philadelphia
71% have cavities in fluoridated Pittsburgh
49% have cavities in 53% (in 2002) fluoridated Pennsylvania

Excerpt: "Compared to the state total, [fluoridated]Pittsburgh seems to shows significantly higher numbers of 15 year olds with any caries experience than the rest of the state"

For 6-8 year-olds

46% have cavities in fluoridated Philadelphia
48% have cavities in fluoridated Pittsburgh
48% have cavities in only 53% fluoridated Pennsylvania


See how they spin or twist this data:

"The positive effect of water fluoridation is further demonstrated in the results from the Pennsylvania Oral Health Needs Assessment, which reported that water fluoridation wasassociated with a 22 percent reduction in caries rates among children and a 28 percent lower rate of untreated decay according to parental survey data as to whether the child was exposed to fluoridated water."