Thursday, February 28, 2008 - Tooth decay in children and toddlers - Tooth decay in children and toddlers:

In fluoridated Rochester and Buffalo, NY: "Hundreds of local children are ending up in the operation room because of cavities that could have been prevented. Experts say its what can happen when parents don't take precautions.

A three year old is in the operating room at Strong Memorial Hospital, the result of tooth decay. Dr. Robert Berkowitz says, 'It's unlikely we'll be able to fix them and we'll have to extract them.'

Under anesthesia, a child is having 6 teeth pulled, four stainless steel crowns put in the lower jaw and three fillings in the upper jaw. The culprit, bacteria from sugar.

Dr. Berkowitz says, 'Through baby bottles with Hawaiian Punch apple juice in sippy cups.'

The Eastman Dental Center sees more than 300 of these kinds of cases a year. In Buffalo, 700 plus cases, and thousands state wide." (New York is 73% fluoridated)