Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dentists needed to relieve wait | | Springfield News-Leader

Dentists needed to relieve wait | | Springfield News-Leader:

"Medicaid, now Mo HealthNet, the government-sponsored health care program for the disabled and low-income families, pays dentists about 30 cents for each $1 of care -- not enough to cover overhead -- so dentists limit or refuse Medicaid patients, said Dr. Patrick Bauer, an orthodontist with the Greater Springfield Dental Society.

A 1999 report by Missouri's Bureau of Dental Health found that 71 percent of all Missouri dentists did not accept any Medicaid (Mo HealthNet)."

""If everybody would take only one a month," she said, "that would solve our problems.""

"We get four new dental patients per day, so we're going to be back up to 300-plus (waiting) in no time

Missouri is 81% fluoridated.