Thursday, November 13, 2008

A mother's cry for help : News : WEYI NBC25

A mother's cry for help : News : WEYI NBC25:

"A Bay City mom says she's desperate and now she's asking for help for her 3 yo. daughter. Medea Heilman says big businesses are getting billions, but she can't even get $300 to pay for her daughter's abscessed tooth to be removed.

'"The puss bag could pop and the poison could go into her blood stream and kill her while she is sleeping," Heilman says. "Or if the swelling is too much in her jaw, it could cut off her airways and stop her from breathing. So, I'm afraid if I sleep I won't know if she is going to be okay"

'In the last two weeks, Medea has taken her little girl to dentist after dentist. She even drove to Ann Arbor to see a specialist.

'We sat there for five hours with her not eating or drinking and then at the last minute they tell me we need the money up front,' Heilman said."

Bay City, Michigan is fluoridated