Saturday, June 27, 2009

Misson of Mercy dental care event helps 700 : La Crosse Tribune

Misson of Mercy dental care event helps 700 : La Crosse Tribune:

"Lisa Boehme adapted to eating with her gums and six bottom teeth.

“It was a struggle, but you learn to survive,” she said. “The only thing I can’t eat is corn on the cob.”
Patients are seen by dentists providing free care to hundreds of people Friday at the La Crosse Center during the Mission of Mercy event which continues Saturday. PETER THOMSON photo

Boehme, of Viola, had the majority of her teeth pulled about 10 years ago and has needed dentures since."

LaCrosse and 90% of Wisconsin is fluoridated.

The programseeks to provide free dental care to 1,300 children and adults Friday and Saturday. They gave people fillings, extractions, cleanings and partial dentures, but they can’t fix everything in two days, said Durtsche.

“This is like a Band-Aid,” said Kelly Schottler, a volunteer who works with the WDA. “They are going to leave here, but problems are still going to exist.”

Boehme said she hasn’t been able to get the dental care she needs because the dentists she has called won’t accept BadgerCare or Medicaid.