Sunday, August 09, 2009 � News � Mass Medical Clinic's Sobering Message

In the world's richest country which has fed its citizens fluoride via the water supply for over six decades, when a free dental clinic was temporarily set up, "More than 70 dentists worked shoulder-to-shoulder in an open-air pavilion, pulling teeth, filling cavities and performing root canals. The drilling was nonstop, 12 hours a day Friday and Saturday, and six hours on Sunday. Close to 4,000 teeth ended up in buckets. Some 20-year-olds had every tooth pulled. A 4-year-old had every tooth filled. Out of the hundreds treated, only 11 had dental insurance."

"the line of cars trying to get in was a mile long...Most of the people still inching up to the guards also wanted to see dentists. [After they already met their daily quota]"