Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oshawa kids decaying in oral health

Oshawa kids decaying in oral health: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada is fluoridated:

"Oshawa kids decaying in oral health

Oshawa elementary schools are the most at risk for tooth decay and cavities, says Dr.
Patricia Abbey, the director of the oral health division for the Durham Region Health Department.'Oshawa has the highest rate of tooth decay and cavities,' she says.'This can be an excellent indicator of poverty.' The study looked at kindergarten students from the past school year in various schools across the region. The data was then charted and separated by municipalities to determine the most high-risk schools and areas.'You can see a large grouping of red dots here,' says Fangli Xie, an epidemiologist with the health department as she points to the south end of Oshawa."