Sunday, December 27, 2009

A man's extensive tooth repairs cost taxpayers $44,000 because he lacked the dentaL insurance, a job and money to pay for care when the problem would have cost $100's to fix when first detected. Doling out more fluoride is a foolish fix for problems such as this.

Yet, rich and politically powerful organized dentistry convinces too-willing legislators to add more fluoride chemicals into the population via the water, dental applications and/or supplements as an illogical fix for this problem. Organized dentistry goal is to stave off legislative mandates that they treat all Americans - even poor people. And to disallow any other viable groups to fill the void and infringe upon their lucrative monopoly.

Bottom line, dentist unions, such as the American Dental Association lobby our legislators to keep dentists income high - even though Americans are dying from untreated tooth decay or costing the rest of us millions of dollars in emergency dental care.