Friday, January 29, 2010 ADA News: ViewPoint ADA News: ViewPoint:

"As of July 1, more than 650,000 General Motors and Chrysler United Auto Workers retirees and their dependents in Michigan have lost their dental insurance. They thus joined the ranks of their GM and Chrysler salaried counterparts who previously lost their insurance. I am sure many of you are already feeling the effects of the loss of insurance in your practices. Patients are canceling their recall appointments, procedures are being delayed and patients are leaving practices," writes Jeffery W. Johnson, DDS, editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Michigan Dental Association

"Now, we have the opportunity to practice without the limitations of dental insurance," writes Johnson.

"All the things we previously loved to complain about—such as interference in our treatment recommendations, limitations in the frequency of doing needed procedures and having to ask "permission" to practice as honest professionals—are now gone. We no longer have to wait to be paid for our services and we no longer will have to listen to patient complaints pointed at us because their insurance wouldn’t pay for a procedure," writes Johnson,