Saturday, May 22, 2010

Over 75% of Australia is fluoridated:

Australia Can't Face the Truth - fluoridated water isn't preventing tooth decay

"ALMOST half a million Australians in urgent need of dental treatment are on public waiting lists up to two years long."

"The oral health status of Australia's adults ranks second-worst in the OECD group of wealth nations, says the report Australia's National Oral Health Plan 2004-2013. Research done for that plan showed a 21 per cent increase in decay in five-year-olds. The report found that oral health declined sharply in adolescence with a fourfold increase in early signs of decay between the ages of 12 and 21."

"While people on lower incomes are worst affected when it comes to oral health, even middle-income families are finding it hard to afford treatment with many taking out loans or having it done overseas where it is almost two-thirds cheaper.

In extreme cases, people suffering pain from rotting teeth have been forced to perform dental surgery on themselves."