Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Dentists? They're strangers to 1 in 4 California kids | Booster Shots | Los Angeles Times

Dentists used their political might to get California legislators to force California cities to spend millions of dollars adding fluoride chemicals into drinking water supplies so they would have an excuse to not actually treat low-income people. They prefer treating their drinking water.

Dentists? They are strangers to 1 in 4 California kids Los Angeles Times: "It's not a pretty picture, the overall state of dental care for California's kids. That's because too many of them -- one-quarter, to be exact -- don't have it. Yep. One in 4 have never even been to a dentist.

That attention-grabbing statistic is from a dental-care study released Wednesday and published in the July issue of the journal Health Affairs. It analyzed care -- or, rather, lack thereof -- for children ages 11 and under in the so-called Golden State."