Monday, August 09, 2010

Care shortage takes a toll on Florida kids' teeth |

Children in fluoridated Green Cove Springs, Florida have loads of cavities "'I see a lot of cavities in really young children...At 3 or 5, they come in with cavities, and you hate to see it in that age group. You really shouldn't see any cavities in that age group.'"

Florida is 70% fluoridated:

Hackney said for older children, it's even worse. Teeth have gone untreated for so long that the dentists have to pull them rather than fix them.

"We did have a 15-year-old boy from St. Johns County that lost both of his front teeth, and I felt really bad for him because he was a nice-looking boy," she said about having to pull his teeth. "It was so unnecessary ... if he had gotten to a dentist at an earlier age, but now he's on dentures for the rest of his life."