Saturday, December 15, 2012

Grand Rapids Dental Needs Great despite fluoridation

Grand Rapids was the first city to add fluoride chemicals into their residents via the water supply to stop tooth decay. Fluoridation began in Grand Rapids in 1945.  Today it's reported that dental needs are great.

   One-day clinic provides free dental care to seniors | “We are looking for more dentist, hygienists and great partners, like the Grand Rapids Community College Dental Clinic, to volunteer their services and expertise for events like this,” Kropiewnicki said. “There is a big need in our community and we are hopeful that volunteers will step up so we can expand these events and serve more seniors.”

Only about 20 percent of dentists accept Medicaid, so it is difficult to find ones accepting new patients, agency officials said.
“This population we are serving at Senior Dental Day often has complex dental issues due to the fact that they haven’t been to a dentist in some time and we needed to be sure they were preforming the necessary care ahead of time,” said event organizer Nancy Kropiewnicki.