Friday, September 05, 2014

Fluoridation Fails New York Ctiy Higher Income Folks, too

New York City is 100% fluoridated. Yet, family troubles are  tied to Poorer Dental Health

For the new study, Lorber and his colleagues analyzed 135 married or
cohabiting heterosexual couples and their elementary school-aged
children. They were mostly white, with an average annual income of

On average, women had 3.5
additional dental cavities and men had 5.3 additional cavities for every
above-average statistical increase in their partners’ noxious behavior
toward them, the investigators found. Children had an average of 1.9
additional cavities for every above-average increase in their mothers’
emotional aggression toward their partners.

Lorber noted that in addition
to disrupting healthy eating and oral health routines, noxious family
environments may also impact the immune system, potentially leading to
greater tooth decay.

“Maybe if you’re fighting like
cats and dogs, you’re neglecting your teeth … or eating more sugar and
carbs,” he said. “Certainly the immune system is also known not to
function as well in hostile families. It’s another way the family
environment might impact oral health.”