Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Fluoridation Fails Australia

Even with the application of water fluoridation in Australia for over half a century, tooth decay is still considered by the Australian Dental Associationas one of the country's most prevalent diseases.  The problem is that fluoride fails to address the core reason  of why tooth decay occurs: our diet.  
Dental decay has only existed in its contemporary form for about 200 years, or since the turn of the industrial revolution.  This is when you can pinpoint the introduction of large-scale delivery of refined grains into our diet.  It's also where our diets transformed from consumption of local produce to the global business that food is today.   
Before this, archeological records show that humans lived for thousands of years without the significant presence of any dental disease.  In the animal kingdom tooth decay is equally rare.  The unsettling reality is that tooth decay is a disease of human civilisation and while fluoride has applications in treatment, it's by no means the silver bullet.