Monday, January 28, 2008

:: Baton Rouge Business Report :: Like pulling teeth

:: Baton Rouge Business Report :: Like pulling teeth:

"Nelson Daly has been a practicing dentist in Baton Rouge since 1994, and business is booming. But he doesn’t accept patients who rely on Medicaid, the government program that covers certain kinds of medical expenses for the poor."

"ust over half of the state’s 1,950 dentists are signed up for Medicaid, although only 663 actually saw even a single Medicaid patient in fiscal year 2006-07."

"3% of Louisiana’s 64 parishes are officially designated as “dental health professional shortage” areas.'

"One way to increase access, used in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and about 40 other nations but implemented in this country only in Alaska, is the use of dental therapists, who provide primary dental care to children and adults in poor, rural areas."