Saturday, March 01, 2008

News 14 | 24 Hour Local News | TOP STORIES | Dentists take bite out of growing issue

News 14 | Dentists take bite out of growing issue

"Merhoff, a pediatric dentist, joined the national campaign five years ago after noticing a disturbing trend.

'Every other Friday, Dr. Cummings and I are seeing at least two children in the operating room under general anesthesia treating a child with severe dental carries, often abscessed teeth. And that's as early as the age of two.'

The root of the problem Merhoff said are sugary snacks. A 16 oz bottle of Mountain Dew for instance, has 62 grams of sugar. That adds up 1/3 cup of sugar or a third of the bottle.

"The diets have changed. The American diet has changed tremendously. Children are drinking soda pops early on, just high sugary drinks. The juice boxes are often loaded with sugars."

Winston-Salem,North Carolina is fluoridated