Thursday, August 13, 2009

Suncoast Community Health rolls out free dental program for kids - St. Petersburg Times

Tampa, Florida is fluoridated: "She sees rotten teeth all the time."

"Dental care is a huge need in the community," said Brantz Roszel, chief executive of Suncoast Health. "By partnering with as many groups as we can, we will be able to crack the ice and access the communities."

"Half of the county's 141,100 children living below the federal poverty level have tooth decay, according to state statistics from 2005, the most recent year available."

""There are children out there in chronic pain," said Dr. Ervin Cerveny, a dentist with Suncoast Health. "I see rampant decay, abscesses, you name it. It can weaken the immune system and make them prone to other infections."

Lack of access to dental care is mostly to blame, Cerveny said."