Sunday, January 31, 2010

Low income children miss out on dental care | Voices of Central Pa:

"Tooth decay affects 48 percent of Pennsylvania children by the age of eight, even those who drink fluoridated water, according to the [Pennsylvania] Department of Public Welfare. By age 15, this increases to 50 percent. Thirty-three percent of low-income children have untreated tooth decay compared to only 10 percent of children in higher-income households.

Good dental health involves many factors, including diet and good brushing habits, but children also need to see a dentist regularly. American children routinely develop cavities and tooth mottling (fluorosis) [from too much fluoride]."

"In his practice Kelly said he commonly sees two-year olds with an average of 10 decayed teeth. Tooth decay in this age group is caused mostly by the sugars in soft drinks, juices and juice boxes, and by allowing children to go to bed with bottles."

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