Monday, December 17, 2012

Las Vegas Kids: lots of cavities despite fluoridation

Las Vegas, Nevada is fluoridated:

Wynn Elementary reaches kids' minds, and its health, dental clinic fixes bodies - News - Time after time, the school nurse refers pain-stricken children to a doctor or dentist but doubts their parents will take them.

"Many times, they don't," said Ellen Bordinhao, principal of Wynn Elementary School in a central Las Vegas neighborhood where 90 percent of students live in poverty and many are uninsured.

Dentist Steve DeLisle sees the proof of neglect in the gaping jaws of young patients.

"I've seen full-mouth decay," he said. "All 20 teeth with cavities."

He fixes all the cavities at once, putting patients under because the hours of drilling would traumatize children, who wouldn't have come to him if it weren't free.