Sunday, May 31, 2009

When a giver was about to give up - Los Angeles Times

While officials focus on fluoridation: "Franklin, who lives in Chatsworth, explained that she was retired on a fixed income, with medical insurance but no dental coverage. Several abscessed teeth had her in excruciating pain, and she had spent days trying to get help. The free clinics would have put her on a waiting list for weeks, and private dentists wanted an up-front payment she couldn't handle."

Saturday, May 30, 2009

10 everyday products that could poison your child - - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - |

"10 everyday products that could poison your child...

5. Toothpaste. Toothpaste contains fluoride, which is poisonous and potentially fatal..."

Friday, May 29, 2009

Dental | Children's Health Fund

"Children in poverty have twice the odds of having tooth decay, twice the extent of decay, twice the unmet treatment need, twice the pain experience, but half the access to dental care than their more affluent peers." (after 60+ years of water fluoridation, 50+ years of fluoridated toothpaste, decades of dentist-applied fluoride treatments and supplements and now fluoride varnish)

Dental Health | Children's Health Fund

"In rural (US) communities, transportation problems also contribute significantly to poor oral health care access for children. For example, about half of Mississippi’s counties are designated oral health Health Professional Shortage Areas, with the fewest dentists available in the rural Delta region. Poor access to pediatric dental care is not exclusively a rural problem. An Illinois [where fluoridation is state-mandated] study found that the limited supply of dentists who accept Medicaid leads to similar barriers for rural children as for children in urban centers like [fluoridated]Chicago. Unmet dental need is highest for children under five years old, especially if poor and on Medicaid. Young children have the highest rates of tooth decay and dental pain but the lowest rate of oral health care visits."

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fluoride coming to town this year | Local News | Gladstone Observer

"Former Federal (Australia) Health Minister, Dr Doug Everingham a one time supporter of fluoridation, is now an opponent of the practice, saying fluoride medication could lead to cases of disorders in humans and animals."

Dental Economics-Dental News - What a great time to be a dentist!

After 60+ years of water fluoridation and 50+ years of fluoridated toothpaste, "the demand for dental care has never been higher. Our aging population's dental needs will continue to grow. Simultaneously, the number of experienced, quality practitioners continues to decline, even as the total number of dentists increases."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Support Bill HB 388 for dental care :: Forum :: PIONEER PRESS :: Oak Park Leaves

Fluoridation is state-mandated in Illinois. Yet, "Thousands of low-income children and adults in Illinois suffer from untreated dental disease. They can't eat or sleep properly, do their best at school or work or smile and are at risk for other serious health problems. All because of a disease that could easily have been prevented and could easily be treated."

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Wisconsin is 90% fluoridated; yet, "Nearly one in five school children has untreated tooth decay...And that contributes to more than just pain and rotten teeth."

"Dental problems have been pegged as a big cause of absenteeism in Dane County schools, especially for low-income families. And missed school often leads to students falling behind. Dental problems also have been linked to higher risk for poor overall health"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Kind Of Dental Care - KBJR-TV-

Fluoridation is state-mandated in Minnesota: "'in rural areas and especially the lower income underprivileged people and they're ending up in our emergency rooms with much more costly care,' said Senator Yvonne Prettner-Solon of district 7."

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fluoride overdose a triple failure | The Australian

"UP to three safeguard systems failed at the Brisbane water-treatment plant that released drinking water to residents with fluoride levels that were 20 times the legal limit"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Letters to the editor: Oral health crisis: Kids lack basic care :: Forum :: PIONEER PRESS :: Niles Herald-Spectator

"We are facing an oral health care crisis in our state." In Illinois, where fluoridation is required by the state "Over the last three decades funding has decreased, dental clinics have closed and the dental care gap has widened. Despite an increase in enrollment for government dental programs, millions of children and adults go without dental care."

Letter written by:
Robert Rechner, executive director
Illinois State Dental Society

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dental care in short supply for low-income Wisconsin children - JSOnline

Wisconsin 90% fluoridation: "'Spend a day looking in the mouth of every pediatric patient who comes into our clinic, and I guarantee that at least once or twice, you will be horrified,' said David Waters, a pediatrician at the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center, which provides care primarily to people covered by BadgerCare Plus or who are uninsured."

Wednesday, May 06, 2009 - Welfare dentistry

In Maine: "My experience with dentistry has been that most dentists won't even accept MaineCare; and those who do, render essentially welfare dentistry, not mainstream care, and certainly not restorative dentistry at all. A patient can get teeth pulled and replaced by dentures or, at best, an occasional cavity filled. That's about it.

Dentists refuse to do the kind of pro bono work that law and medicine are well known for, and all of us are paying the price of their high incomes, especially those least able to afford it.

Paul Corrao, Lewiston"

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Students in Garfield County School District 16 area take advantage of county program |

"In Colorado (74% fluoridated), nearly eight million hours of school are lost each year due to oral pain and 27 percent of kindergartners have untreated tooth decay."

Friday, May 01, 2009 :: Northwest Arkansas' News Source

Most of Benton County, Arkansas is fluoridated: "Oral health also poised itself as a major health concern for Benton County with 42 percent of those surveyed reporting that they have had permanent teeth pulled as a result of tooth decay or gum disease; 34 percent said that it had been more than a year since their last dental visit." :: Northwest Arkansas' News Source: